Boy or Girl? 33 Old Wives’ Tales for Predicting a Baby’s Gender

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You may have heard a couple of stories of women claiming they were expecting a boy or morning sickness. When a woman has a baby, she has to have an ultrasound to know what sex is going on. Although the folk stories are not scientific, they are interesting ways to distract you as you wait. This article is full of funny old wives tales that predict a baby’s gender.

Bad morning sickness

It’d seem that if someone is ill they know they’re having some girl. The doctors have been deciding but the majority of experts don’t think that is true. Oestrogen may be found in women during their first three months of pregnancy, which can sometimes be the trigger of gastrointestinal problems.

Shiny hair or dull skin

Some believe that certain changes to your facial skin may indicate pregnancy. You also have dull or acne on girls and with boys, you have shiny hair. Clearly, the evidence does not show this belief. Yes, pregnancy may have the ability to affect the skin tone, but it is not necessary if your skin glows when your pregnancy has been revealed.

You’re revolted by formerly favorite foods

Have you ever had food cravings? Researchers have found the worse it becomes for the woman to be disgusted with foods when she gets pregnant. Why? Aversions affect how women function in order to protect their fetus. Scientists say that this is intended to help a fetus be protected.

What is the heart rate gender prediction?

But scientists have uncovered a new tale of how heart rate can predict gender. Common wisdom says the heartbeat in children should be below 140 beats per minute; in children over 150 beats per minute it should be a girl. Medical research has demolished these heart rate gender predictor theories. Among women whose birth rate was significantly lower than boys, the differences observed between the two groups were small, essentially not significant. In fact, a normal fetal heart rate can be between 240-240 beats per minute.

You’re eating more during your pregnancy

Are there boys and girls? You’ve got an appetite that might give you some insight. A study monitored women’s food habits and the results show women who ate less calories during pregnancy than women who ate fewer calories during their first pregnancy. Why do people have more appetites than others? Research shows fetus testosterone may signal to mothers that they want fewer calories. It might even help explain baby boys’ larger size as babies grow.

Baby’s Heartbeat

I am amazed at how babies scream when a pregnancy test is performed at a prenatal appointment. It is a story about how babies heart rates are correlated with gender. If the fetus has a high heart rate of 140 BPM you have a girl. When the heartbeat on your baby is below 150 bpm it indicates that you have a baby. A fetus can have between 140 and 130 bph and many different things can affect their heart rate, including pregnancy.

The 3 lines or ‘potty shot’ method

This scan sign will provide a very good assurance. This method is the way a sonographer checks for boys in a 20-week scan, and private health care providers usually use the procedure. The reason it has the 3-line method for determining the gender of your child is because the sonographer can usually tell you when you are expecting a baby.

Can old wives’ tales or superstitions predict the sex of my baby?

Yes. Old wives tales / superstitions do not have scientific evidence, it’d be hard to know the exact gender of my daughter.


Some of these can give you predictions about having boys or women. Some of these tests are more widely known here and they contain pendulum keys and feet as well as a ‘chemical’ test based on baking soda.


While, as we have shown above, the 20-week scan will most reliably show the sex of a child, there are several theories and methods which can tell you whether the infant is a male or a female by looking at the scan you are taking.

Mood swings

If you feel extreme mood swings while pregnant, then you probably want an infant girl. Although considering the increase in hormonal hormones that flow through our body, we think it would not hurt to look for a mother-to-be.

High or low blood pressure

It seems to be true that one can predict pregnancy by measuring the blood pressure 26 weeks before the child is born. The theory has its roots from research carried out by the CDC in 2017 and published in the Journal of Hypertension. The report also had scientific basis but it was regarded with a certain amount of reluctance.

Breast size changes

If you have breasts larger than their sides, then you have another woman – it seems. It would make your right breast bigger so you have boy. There was absolutely nothing scientifically supported that this could be the only way to determine if breasts had different sizes or sizes. Your breasts may well change over the course of your pregnancy, but the sex of your child is not the reason.

Baby Bump Position

It may be best to predict gender based on your child’s birth story. If you want to find out why I’ve got boys or girls look for the bump when the bump appears. Myth Girl: If your baby bumps lie lower at the top of your stomach, that’s an indication you’re having a girl. Boy: When he is lower in the abdomen, close to the pelvic bones, he is a little boy. Your baby bump position will depend on your uterine shape. In a pregnancy, the uterus lies below you; when the uterus grows higher and forward.

The Nub Theory

It involves looking at early scans to note the interestingly named angle. Essentially, it shows how your baby’s head is facing the bump in your baby’s head. According to the Nub Theory the girl is female but the girl is male when a 90° angle is greater than 30 degrees. Its accuracy is surprisingly weak even when performed at a scan interval of 12 weeks.

Feet Changes

Those feet are gendered myths. Pregnant can produce a multitude of changes in your body – mainly swelling feet. Is there a difference in sex between boys and girls? Lets see! Mythgirl: Is my leg swelling? Boy: If you see swelling at the feet, welcome him. Reality Swelling is extremely commonly seen during pregnancy and is commonly found in feet and ankles. It is caused by excess fluids in the uterus.

The Ramzi Theory or Ramzi Method

The Ramzi theory is known for predicting if your baby is going to have girls from the moment of birth. This may happen during a pre-thyroid x-ray and on a regular 12-week x-ray. If the placentas are on the right you have a boy, but the ones on the left you have a girl. Saam Ramzi Ismail claims to have found the method to be 97% accurate, although the research was conducted on a relatively small number of women. Besides, his study was not published by an academic journal and has not been reproduced.

The Skull Theory

The boys/girl prediction theory is based on scanning images that shows that the skull and the head of girls are similar. The theory implies that the head and face of a boy is wider and smaller than those of a woman, and that there are obvious distinctions between cheekbones, jawbones and forehead.

Are there any signs and tests I can do earlier in my pregnancy to find out the sex of my baby?

That’s quite a few of them too. Most are really not very precise and most have absolutely no scientific foundation. But it’s really a good thing that people enjoy pursuing their passions and observing their results. Below 30 common boys or girls signs are shown on this list. So let us sort it loosely according to signs: Take them with some salt. According to Philippa, they’re probably more fun than most. Get some baking soda to check angles of dangles, count circles and watch how you get the key.

Old Wives’ Tales Gender Prediction: Pregnancy Symptoms

Many Old wives stories on gender prediction focus on typical preterm pregnancy signs / symptoms that you may experience during the second or third trimester. In some cases, morning sickness or craving may indicate your age or gender.

The Chinese Gender Prediction chart

It’s a calendar which is said to show your baby sex according to your lunar age and your birth date. In order to tell if you had an infant you would have to cross-reference some information – such as your age at birth. It’s a science question and you can try it if you want.

Baby Hair Test

The Old Womens Tale Test works when you have the child with a younger parent. The baby will have to wash his or her hair, wash his or her hair then wash them. It will be cool. Myth Girl: If the baby’s hair naturally turns in the opposite direction of her head the next baby is a girl. Boy: When the hair is swung counter-clockwise the child’s first born is the boy.

The baking soda test

Using chemical analysis, it helps to predict genders of boys and girls. You can see urine reactions in baking soda by using these methods. When the wee has fizzed in the water, when you pour the soda over sour cream, you have a boy. The reaction doesn’t seem to be noticeable. All these tests are meant for children who are affected by acidity. View baking soda testing on YouTube.

Your partner’s weight gain

Our knowledge is you may gain weight as you are pregnant. There is no evidence that he can tuck in – maybe not! Photographs: Getty Images.

The key pick-up test

It is tricky because it’s a test to see if someone is able to grab the keys in a certain way but it is hard to find the keys. Obviously if you take out the key from the corner, you will have a boy – and if you take the key from the wide part that is locked first. Oh yes it can be twins! It seems to be bunking but it seems 50-50 if one ignores the twins bit!

The cupping hands test

Here’s the test he recently demonstrated on the television show “Holly Willoughby” (above). She reckons you could tell if you are expecting boys and women by rubbing your hands against your breasts. It’ll be girlish if your hands bend slightly towards the belly (bottom photo). We’re not completely sure of the difference from Holly’s demo and again the results are scientifically impossible.

Number of boys or girls in your partner’s family

As sperm determines whether or not you want a baby or girls they may suggest that if you see a boy’s sex they can see a girl. The evidence does nothing but it would be interesting to look at your baby’s family history.

Smelling of garlic

Immediately consume garlic cloves. If that smell goes into your pores you will have a boy on it. If garlic smell is not sneezing, we have girls. Is it possible that someone expecting an older woman will try something similar?


What are the signs of having a boy?

The old wives’ tale says you have an older brother if… Your weight is very thin. … You lose weight on your stomach. .. Your spouse won’t lose any weight. … Your face appears bright. The… The sickness is no longer so terrible. . Your urine turns grey. … a. You’ve got to be cold. … Your infant heart rate is low. You carry little. … You gain weight in the belly. … Your partner is not losing any weight. … You look beautiful on your skin. … You are not so sick in the morning. … You have urine which is yellowish. ‘ ” Your feet feel warm. The sulphur dioxide is the most commonly used sulphide in the body of water, and is a natural product of the sun. My child has no heart rate.

How to know if it’s boy or girl?

Normally you will know what a woman is sexually active via ultrasound. Usually the procedure is completed every 18 to 20 days. Ultrasoundographers will examine babies’ image on screen and may also detect other markers which indicate boys or girls. These are part of bigger anatomy scans.

How does man feel when his wife is pregnant?

Typically men have constipation or diarrhea while pregnant, and have nausea and vomiting. The couvades are generally temporary, but rarely serious. This can cause stress in the expectant dad.

How can you tell the difference between a male and female pregnancy?

Some ways you can learn more about your baby’s sexual relationship are listed below. = = Molecular testing in blood samples. You may take blood tests at the start of pregnancy. “… Tests of gene expression. You can have a cervical sampling or an amniocentesis while you are pregnant. … Ultrasounds. Free cell genetic testing. You may have to have a blood test before your pregnancy begins. … There’ll be more tests for genetics. In pregnancy, there is often the amniotic virili sampling (CVS) in the uterine area. … Ultrasounds.

Can a man have early symptoms when a woman is pregnant?

The symptoms associated with pregnancy in males are called couvade. Couvade may also involve the ritual behaviour of the father in labor or delivery of the child according to the cultural background.

What are symptoms of baby boy?

22 reasons to get pregnant. The heart beat of your child will be slower at less than 140 mph. You carry everything from the beginning. You carry little. You are blooming while pregnant. No one has ever had any morning sickness during their first pregnancy. The upper breast of a woman has more breast space than the lower breast of her tummy. You have lowered your baby’s heart rate to just under 144 beatings per minute. You have everything on you. Your hand is a little heavy. I am pregnant. It is unlikely you suffered any morning sickness during pregnancy. You have an upper left breast.

How are human genders determined?

Human sex chromosomes (X X females, x Y mens) determine sex. The X & Y chromosomes contain dramatically different numbers as well as sets of genes, but originate from normal autosomes in early evolution of animals.

Which parent determines the gender of the baby?

When I tell patients they have 50 / 50 chances of sex with either male or female sperm, I tell them that the fathers genes affect their sex. This assumes that man is carrying x and y chromosome X and.

Do all babies start out as a boy?

All human chromosome combinations have their XX and Y chromosomes beginning at the same time as their genetics. During early development, all uterus genitalia remain identical to each other.

How can you tell the gender of your first trimester?

Today pregnant women are able to find the pregnancy based off a blood sample. Typically doctors perform the test in about the first trimester, typically 10 weeks. It is impossible to predict child sexual activity.

What are early signs of having a boy?

Is there anyone who has an older woman’s story? You carry little. … You lose fat on the back of the stomach. … You and partner do not gain weight at the same time. … Your skin looks clean & glowing. … Your morning sickness is less serious. … Those urines are yellow and you can smell it. … Your foot is always cold. … It’s not ok for babies. The weight of this is high. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Your body gains weight just below your waist. … Your spouse does not lose weight. … You have a glowing complexion. ‘. It doesnt seem to hurt in the morning. … It looks dull green in urine. . You had feet cold. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Your babies heartbeat is low.

What is the difference between girl and boy pregnancy?

Hormone differences between a girl or a boy. Research shows that hCG (hrcg), the hormone whose second line appears on a home pregnancy test, is more pronounced in females. Often studies show it only during pregnancy.

Can you tell the gender at 11 weeks?

The accuracy with which a mother can tell if she has sex is increased with the time she has been pregnant. This ranges between 70.3% at 11 weeks and 97% at 12 weeks, or 100 percent at thirteen weeks. Eleven weeks are the earliest time sex measurements may be performed by ultrasound by utilizing ‘Nub Theory’.

What are the first signs of a girl being pregnant?

The more common pregnancy symptoms could be:. Missing. In pregnancy, a week of pregnancy is usually the longest period of a woman. … Tight, and painful breasts. … = = = = = = = Naused and vomiting. … Increase in urine use. … Fatigue. No time. If the period for the first week before menstrual periods is over, the baby could be a woman. … tight wrinkling breast. … a. Nausea or vomiting. … Increase in urine. … Fatigues.

How do I know if I’m carrying a boy or girl?

It’s generally possible to determine the sexual relationship of your baby using ultrasounds. It’ll last 18 to 24 weeks. Ultrasonographers can scan images and examine genital structures to determine which indicates male or female sexuality. These images form the first stage of an extensive anatomy analysis.

Can you tell the gender at 11 weeks?

The accuracy with which a mother can tell if she has sex is increased with the time she has been pregnant. This ranges between 70.3% at 11 weeks and 97% at 12 weeks, or 100 percent at thirteen weeks. Eleven weeks are the earliest time sex measurements may be performed by ultrasound by utilizing ‘Nub Theory’.

How accurate is the skull theory?

Skull Theory accuracy – Even supporters of skulls claim accuracy is between 75-94 percent of their tests.

Can a boy nub be a girl?

It has an effect on whether your baby is a girl. When the nub is angled above 30 degrees at the spine it may be the mother fetus. The point in front is usually a female fetus. It’s probably the fetus is in front of us!

Why am I not sleeping well in the first trimester?

Early pregnancy insomnia occurs in a large percentage due to hormonal changes which cause a woman to feel nausea vomiting and an increased urination during pregnancy. All these factors disrupt the normal sleep cycle, Mustaleski said.

What are the symptoms for a baby boy?

Old wives tale says that I have boys and that… Your weight is low. “. You gain weight just in the belly. … No weight gain from someone you know. … You have a bright complexion. … You are not sick at all during the night. … You’re urine looks stale and yellow. ‘… Your feet will never freeze. … Your infant heartbeat is slow. These things go terribly fast. … You can gain weight on the belly area. … Your partner has not gained weight. … Have a bright skin tone. … Your morning headaches are not very bad. … You have grey-colored urine. “. You have to be cold. … Your babies heart rate has decreased.

Is insomnia a side effect of early pregnancy?

Women pregnant in general have experienced sleep problems. Insomnia may also be associated with pregnancy-related physical problems or discomfort.

Can gender be determined in the first trimester?

The GD can help identify a woman in pregnancy during her 1st trimester, particularly after 12 weeks.

Which sperm gender is faster?

Its Y Chromosome, a boy’s gene, contains fewer genetic elements than its X Chromosome for girls. spermatocytes bearing an Y gene swim faster when viscous liquid.

Which sperm is stronger X or Y?

The preliminary results indicated that X and Y spermatozoa have a higher density of sperm and strong phenotypes, suggesting a higher stability at acid pH than Y.

Do X and Y sperm swim at the same speed?

The sperms swam in circles in stationary fluid at the same average speed. Despite a rapid ejection rate, a flow-stream in which there was no sperm shifted in a largely straight directional pattern.

How long does the Y sperm survive?

The sperm containing the Y chromosome should be deposited near eggs for the baby because the Y chromosome has a short lifespan that will only last 24 hours versus the sperm of a woman.

Do boy babies grow faster?

The researchers say male embryos wait longer between cell divisions than female embryos. The embryo grows faster and consumes more nutrition even before burrowing in the uterus. Boys are hungrier as they get older.

Do girl embryos develop faster?

The results revealed that male embryos are developing faster as a result of the female embryos are more advanced.

Do boy babies come earlier?

A study finds that babies born prematurely have a lower chance of dying. It is incredibly hard on boys,” says Dr. Joy Lawn of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Are male fetuses more active in the womb?

The evidence for sexual differences in motor activity is inconsistent with studies of small samples. Male fetuses were more active than females in a small cohort (DiPietro et al., 1996).

What does gender of fetus mean?

Your child’s gender is determinant when your sperm contributes an x chromosome which creates a boy. During the first nine weeks, a woman’s genitals do not have outward signs of gender.

How does a fetus become a female?

It is also called sexually transmitted chromosoms. Each embryo has X sexual chromosomes and A spermatozoa has X and Y chromosomes. In the case of sperm follicles that fertilize eggs with chromosomes of X and Y the child is a male

What is the difference between male and female fetus?

The biological difference of the gender is apparent from the initial period of pregnancy. During the first three months of a pregnancy males and females have larger head and neck length. Placental fetuses differ from fetuses with differing protein expression.

Which parent determines gender?

Men decide if their embryos contain an X or Y chromosome. A chromosome X combined with mother’s X chromosome make baby girl (YY). Another chromosome Y is added into mother’s chromosome X.

Is the gender of a baby determined by the father?

The genes of my father are everything: X combine to become girls and y and man combine with X woman becomes boys. However, sex ratio can vary if there is no same number of sperms in both sexes or when sex is not identical.

How can I increase my chances of getting a boy?

Shettles methodology. Sexual activity during pregnancy. Sperm inserted close to the uterius in a position enabling deeper penetration. An alkaline environment on the vaginal surfaces. The woman with an orgasm.

How does a man feel when his partner is pregnant?

When you learn about the pregnancy, you may experience joy or fear. Tell someone who’s your friend that you’ve felt. You can also discuss this issue with your partner.

Can my husband get pregnancy symptoms before me?

Couvade syndrome is triggered when an adolescent’s partner experiences uncannily mimicry in pregnancy. In fact, men often experience irritability and diarrhea when the partner is expecting.

Can a man have pregnancy symptoms before positive test?

Couvade syndrome occurs when a man with a pregnant partner experiences symptoms. The reasons for Couvade Syndrome are still unknown but several theories exist.

How can you tell if its a boy or girl at 12 weeks?

Tests on the blood of the patient can show gender within 9 weeks. At the age of 12 weeks, the ultrasound can determine the gender depending on the angle within the genital tube.

What is the earliest you can tell the gender of a baby?

Many doctors recommend ultrasounds around 18 weeks, although pregnancy can begin with ultrasound at 14 weeks. However the data isn’t perfect. It is possible that a newborn has an awkward position and cannot clearly identify the genital.

Can you find out the gender at 12 weeks?

Blood tests for a condition can determine the gender at 9 weeks old. At twelve weeks, it’ll likely allow us to perform a genital tuberculotomy test based upon an angle of the tuberculum.

At what point is a baby’s gender determined?

The sexuality of a child is defined when fertilized. Of 46 chromosomes that constitute a newborn’s DNA, only two determine sex. These have been referred to as sex chromosomes.

Can you tell gender at 10 weeks?

If you’re undergoing NIPT or blood test, you can determine sex at 11 weeks. Ultrasounds can reveal sexual organs at the age of fourteen weeks but it is considered inaccurate at the age of 18. Using CVS for 12 weeks you can reveal your infants sex in 12 weeks.

Can baby gender change after conception?

Sex determination is made during pregnancy and does not affect you during pregnancy. There may be a chance that an ultrasound may be inaccurate or that the provider might not be telling you you were pregnant.